TYR Investment Fund

Funds created and managed by TYR TFI S.A. will be characterised by an extremely conservative policy of selecting deposits and paying particular attention to the safety of investments in order to ensure a minimum rate of return.

The investment strategy of the main fund will focus on carefully selected debt assets secured on the real estate, as well as on investments on an equity basis in companies aiming to finance investment projects directly or indirectly related to the real estate market, in particular residential, commercial or rental construction (including condo systems) and development or hotel activities. The basic principle that the fund will be guided by is to secure the timely return of funds through the establishment of high-quality collateral.

Our team is a group of high-class specialists with many years of experience in managing economic entities, so we are able to match the team individually to each project.


Our company is part of the group Sadkowski and Partners, which associates entities engaged in, among others, legal services, financial services, accounting services, real estate and business valuations, consulting in capital raising.