Society activities

TYR TFI S.A. is an investment management company whose priority is to ensure the highest level of professionalism and care for the interests of fund participants. Pursuant to the permit granted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on 17 April 2020, TYR TFI S.A. operates in the field of:

  • creating open-ended or foreign investment funds, managing them, including acting as intermediary in the sale and redemption of participation units, as well as representing them towards third parties,
  • management of a collective securities portfolio,
  • creation of specialised open-ended and closed-ended investment funds, management of such funds, including intermediation in the sale and redemption of participation units or investment certificates, as well as representation of such funds in relation to third parties
  • management of EU AIFs, including their distribution.

Funds created and managed by TYR TFI S.A. are characterised by an extremely conservative policy of deposit selection. The investment strategy of the main fund focuses on carefully selected debt assets secured on real estate, as well as on equity investments in companies that undertake activities aimed at financing projects on the real estate market.

The principle is to secure timely repayment of funds by establishing high-quality collateral.

Investment certificates are offered to investors with a special profile – i.e., persons with appropriate investment awareness as well as knowledge and and experience in the financial market.